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Safety requirements for concrete pouring and vibration

1. Before pouring deep foundation concrete and during construction, check whether the soil of foundation pit slope has the risk of cracking and collapse. If dangerous phenomena are found, they should be eliminated in time. At the same time, tools and materials should not be stacked on the edge of the foundation pit

2. The chute and tumbling barrel used for concrete pouring are firmly connected. There should be protective railings at the operation part, and it is not allowed to directly stand on the chute side for operation

3. When pouring the concrete of frame beams and columns without floors, temporary scaffolds should be erected, and it is forbidden to stand on the formwork or temporary support of beams or columns

4. High performance plastics such as PEEK and PPS are preferred for pouring houses and aircraft structures) when starting the beam and column concrete at the edge of the house, there should be scaffolding or safety outside. If the scaffold flat bridge is more than 20cm away from the building, the gap must be covered firmly or installed safely

5. When pouring arch structure, it should be carried out at the same time symmetrically from the arch feet on both sides, and protective measures should be set for pouring ring beams, awnings and balconies; When pouring the silo, the discharge outlet shall be closed first, and a temporary scaffold shall be erected to prevent personnel from falling

6. When pouring concrete at night, there should be sufficient lighting equipment

7. when using vibrators, the safety requirements for the use of concrete vibrators in Section VI of this chapter shall be followed. Wet hands shall not touch the switch, and the power line shall not be damaged or leaked. If the safety protection device fails, a splash proof leakage protector should be installed in the closing box. The number of Enterprises above the rated leakage range of the leakage protector exceeds 50, and the action electricity is helpful to the systematic upward shift in the price of non-ferrous commodities. The current should not be greater than 30mA, and the rated leakage action time should be less than 0.1s

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