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Safety requirements for welding machine

1) the welding machine should be installed indoors under normal circumstances, and there should be a reliable grounding (neutral connection). If multiple butt welding machines are installed in parallel, the spacing shall not be less than 3m, and they shall be connected to different phases of electricity, which are related to their respective knife types

2) before operation, check that the pressure mechanism of the butt welding machine should be flexible, the fixture should be firm, and the gas and liquid systems should be free of leakage. Only after confirming that about 50 employees of compositeadvantage company are normal, can welding be carried out

let's take a look at the application process of the hydraulic universal testing machine. 3) before welding, the secondary voltage should be adjusted according to the obtained reinforcement section, and the reinforcement exceeding the specified diameter of the butt welding machine should not be welded

4) the contact points and electrodes of the circuit breaker should be polished regularly, and all connecting bolts of the secondary flash circuit should be fastened regularly. The temperature of cooling water shall not exceed 40 ℃; The displacement shall be adjusted according to the temperature

5) when welding long reinforcement, brackets should be set. Operators who cooperate with the handling of reinforcement should pay attention to prevent sparks from scalding during welding

6) baffle shall be set in the flash area, and irrelevant personnel shall not be allowed to enter during welding

7) for winter construction, the indoor temperature should not be lower than 8~c. After operation, drain the cooling water in the machine

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