Ecological economy in the most popular Roland rota

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Ecological economy in Manroland rotary printing press effective energy management can reduce operating costs, improve working conditions and protect the environment. MAN Roland's rotary printing press combines environmental protection with economic production

ecometer ecosystem software: transparent process

Roland's ecometer ecosystem software can calculate the potential of energy saving, thus supporting continuous improvement measures. It can calculate the required energy and resources according to the specific information of customers, such as model, production volume and paper consumption, and provide specific suggestions to continuously improve the printing process. In addition, it can also calculate the total amount saved in one year or in the whole service life of the printing machine. 2. Digital electronic tensile testing machine in the normal protection cycle. Through this tool to promote sales activities, customers of rotary offset press can also get advice from experts. In addition to improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and protecting resources, ecometer ecosystem software makes an ecological evaluation of the pre-defined configuration of its high-pressure turbine sealing device, showing the reduced carbon dioxide emissions, saved energy and material costs

reduce paper waste and energy consumption

with the cutting register control designed according to dynamics, the world consumption was less than 1000t before 1968. The customers of rotary offset printing machines saved time and valuable printing materials, and could produce in a way conducive to environmental protection. Every register cutting is registered and controlled by the system. Because the cutting accuracy is very high, compared with the system without the enhanced version of the national famous enterprise of cutcon Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., users can avoid a lot of paper waste when replacing the web paper roll and cleaning the blanket. The integrated heat recovery oxidation (RTO) equipment can achieve the greatest energy savings: the heat exchange efficiency can reach 97%, while the heat recovery technology can only reach 65%. Under many production conditions, the equipment does not need other energy, because it is a self-sufficient system, using only solvents related to the process as energy

reduce friction with iroloc

the same printing width has made an important contribution to saving energy and has a positive impact on the uniform transfer of ink and fountain solution to the printing plate. The function of automatically adjusting the printing width provided by iroloc roller locking is based on a mature mechanical solution, which almost completely eliminates the need for frequent adjustment and maintenance. The spring system only needs to be set once to provide the required high reliability and durability. The printing width remains unchanged under dynamic operating conditions that will produce thermal expansion and are affected by consumables. Iroloc can increase the service life of the roller by 20%

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