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Tietuo machinery overseas customer care action - Sri Lanka station

tietuo machinery overseas customer care reporter saw action on the scene - Sri Lanka station

China Construction machinery information

following previous visits to customers, China's plastic building materials industry has become the second largest pillar industry in the plastic industry after packaging with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, The sales and service team of tietuo machinery felt the enthusiasm and needs of customers, and continued to pay a return visit to the equipment reducer construction sites all over Sri Lanka

tietuo machinery service team went to dambulla, Matale and other places successively to help customers overhaul the equipment, communicate with customer operators about equipment operation matters, correct wrong operation habits, remind precautions in the process of equipment use, and improve the efficiency of equipment use

November is on the eve of the rainy season in Sri Lanka. Taking advantage of the rainy season, tietuo machinery service team helps customers deal with all problems in the process of equipment installation and commissioning in Zaibao; Your overhaul and maintenance equipment during the construction interval will provide sufficient equipment guarantee for the upcoming construction season and help customers successfully complete construction projects

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