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Tietuo machinery: strengthen the enterprise with culture to enhance the driving force of development

tietuo machinery: strengthen the enterprise with culture to enhance the driving force of development

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the tail tooth is a traditional festival in Southern Fujian, and now it is also the annual meeting of enterprises. Fiveorsix years ago, Fujian tietuo machinery began to regard the tail teeth as a display window of the switching culture of enterprises, so it is impossible to cross-link and de link. It is getting better and better year by year, and people are looking forward to it year by year

on January 15, tietuo machinery's tail tooth banquet was held in full dress. More than 700 people from all over the country, including tietuo machinery's customer representatives, suppliers, partners, employees and family members, gathered together to share tietuo's cultural feast

the management of tietuo machinery toasted and congratulated the attendees.

during the period, tietuo machinery's original family friendly micro film "love with you" met with guests and customer partners who were looking for development opportunities. This is a film centered on the family relationship between father and son, with a strong local cultural flavor in Southern Fujian. This film created the first micro film shooting in the construction machinery industry in Fujian Province

Wang Xiren, chairman of tietuo machinery, delivered a speech

Wang Xiren, chairman of tietuo machinery, said that as an enterprise with a strong sense of society, tietuo hopes to share the positive energy of filial piety culture with more social people, and the long-running family ties shown in the film are also the expression of the relationship tietuo machinery wants to establish with its customers

in recent years, with the development of tietuo, more and more talents from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities have joined. At the last tooth banquet, tietuo customers from Thailand and Malaysia performed and exchanged on stage, highlighting tietuo's inclusive and extroverted culture

now, the internal employees of tietuo machinery have become so unfair that they are the protagonists in the tail tooth banquet. The programs are more colorful and people are more enthusiastic and confident. This confidence comes from the exploration and precipitation of tietuo people for more than ten years. As a domestic manufacturer of professional asphalt mixing equipment and recycling equipment, tietuo reaction mainly has the following three types: mechanical products have been sold to more than 50 countries, and more than 1200 sets of equipment have been served all over the world. Among them, asphalt mixture plant mixing hot recycling equipment has ranked first in the domestic market share for many years, and the export volume of asphalt mixing plant ranks first in the country. In December last year, tietuo machinery was awarded the first batch of "single champion" cultivation enterprises by the Ministry of industry and information technology

in the past two years, under the background of the economy entering the new normal, tietuo machinery has performed very steadily in all aspects. When the economic situation is weak, tietuo people adhere to the concept of "dedication, refinement, purity and vigilance", and adhere to an ingenuity, steady and steady. Nowadays, with professional talents, cost-effective products and services, and a popular corporate culture, tietuo is full of confidence in the future

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