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"Tieling valve" has changed from a factory to a city business card

valve is an important fluid control equipment in industry, an important part of equipment manufacturing industry, and an important basic equipment for national economic development. Its application field is extremely extensive. Valve industry used to be the dominant traditional industry in our city. After decades of development, the valve industry in our city has changed from a brilliant moment after the establishment of the factory to a withering one.

valve is an important fluid control equipment in the industry, an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, and an important basic equipment for the development of the national economy. Its utilization fields are extremely extensive. The valve industry used to be the dominant traditional industry in our city. After decades of development, the valve industry in our city has finally embarked on a market-oriented road of rejuvenation from its glory after the establishment of the factory to its depression and then to the blooming of a hundred flowers

Tieling valve factory, which was established in 1960, was once the flagship enterprise of low-pressure valves in China and the national second-class enterprise. Its predecessor was the first industrial valve enterprise in Shenyang, which was founded in 1935. It moved to our city because of the need of expanding production scale. Before the 1980s, Tieling valve factory played a very important role in the national economy. Almost all key projects in the country - water conservancy, electric power, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical industry, urban water supply, etc. used the products of Tieling valve factory, and the production standard of the enterprise is the national industry standard. "In the 10 years of the cultural revolution, Tieling valve factory also paid 88million yuan in finance and tax." Many old workers of Tieling valve factory still clearly remember this number. In 1998, Tieling valve factory was approved to be reorganized and established as Tieling Valve Co., Ltd. the company was one of the 500 largest machinery industry enterprises in China at that time, and it was also the vice chairman unit of China Valve Industry Association. At that time, the company had strong technical force, complete production equipment and complete testing means. China was one of the countries with the most active research, utilization and development of graphene at present, and had a sound quality assurance system. It had successively passed the DNV certification of det Norske Veritas and the certification of ISO9001 quality assurance system, and also obtained the design and manufacturing qualification license of Chinese civil nuclear pressure equipment issued by the national nuclear safety administration. In addition, the company's "TF" brand valve registered trademark has been rated as a famous trademark in Liaoning Province for three consecutive times, and Tieling Valve Co., Ltd., which excludes 8-ton cupola, 5-ton electric furnace, 10 meter gantry boring and milling machine, 8-meter vertical lathe and more than 1000 professional mechanical production equipment according to the above method, is the largest valve testing base in China, and its products can meet China's gbjb, international isoansi, British BS, German DIN Japanese JIS and other standards, valves of various materials, steel plate welded valves and pipe fittings and other products are sold at home and abroad

"iron valve" reluctantly withdrew and reborn

due to the low investment and high profits of valve enterprises, thousands of valve manufacturers have sprung up across the country since the reform and opening up. Tieling valve factory has more than 4700 people, carrying a heavy burden. By the middle and late 1980s, it lost its previous hegemony under the planned economic system. Since 1993, the old valve factory has been losing money for years. After 2000, the state pushed Tieling valve factory to the market without any support

on November 8, 2004, with the consent of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the original Tieling valve factory was transferred to Liaoning Nengfa Weiye group as a whole. After entering the former Tieling valve factory, Liaoning Nengfa Weiye group obeyed the market orientation, adjusted the product structure to large-diameter, intelligent and energy-saving valve products, and began to build the largest scientific research and production base of valves and energy-saving equipment in northern China in conjunction with Northeast University Science and technology industry group. After five years of hard work, Nengfa Weiye Tieling Valve Co., Ltd. achieved an output value of 110 million yuan and a profit and tax income of more than 16 million yuan, achieving a historic breakthrough. By the beginning of 2010, Nengfa Weiye continued to maintain a good momentum of development, with an output value of 11.118 million yuan. Through accurate positioning, Nengfa Weiye Tieling Valve Co., Ltd. has entered the ranks of leading enterprises in the same industry in China in terms of production scale, market share and technical level. Nengfa Weiye Tieling Valve Co., Ltd. was also listed on Nasdaq, opening up international financing channels. Jiaodongping, who has worked in Tieling valve factory for more than 30 years, once said with emotion: "after breaking away from the planned economy, our Tieling valve lost all its advantages, but through deep valve manufacturing heritage and years of development, we finally found a way to rebirth, and Tieling valve finally returned to the first tier of the same industry."

many enterprises were established

"Tieling valve" flowers bloom

with the overall transfer of Tieling valve factory, the valve industry in our city has completely embarked on a market-oriented development road, and various valve factories of different sizes have been established. By the end of 2014, the number of valve industry cluster production enterprises in the city had reached 34, and there were 7 enterprises that reached the statistical standards above the national scale. The valve industrial park is mainly concentrated in the industrial park of Yinzhou District, and enterprises such as Nengfa Weiye Tieling Valve Co., Ltd., Tieling Fangzhong Valve Co., Ltd., Tieling Bowang Valve Co., Ltd., Liaobei valve fittings factory, Tieling Yongxing thermal spraying Co., Ltd. have settled in the park. In addition, the sealing Institute of Tieling Rubber Research Institute, Tieling Precision Rubber Research Institute, Liaoning northeast Mold Co., Ltd., Tieling Hengxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tieling Julong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises supporting the valve industry have also been completed and put into operation in the park, providing strong supporting support for the construction and development of the valve industry cluster. The division of labor and cooperation among enterprises, mutual cooperation, interdependence and interlocking

the newly born valve industry cluster has the characteristics of centralized production enterprises, tight industrial chain, complete product varieties and specifications, wide application fields, and increasingly obvious brand benefits. The leading products include 12 categories, including butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, regulating valves, exhaust valves, ball valves, square (round) gates, expansion joints, valve drives, complete sets of valve fittings, instruments and meters, The driving modes of products are divided into manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic linkage, etc; Applicable media include clear water, sea water, sewage, air, high-temperature furnace gas, gas, steam, etc. At the same time, valve products can cover various fields such as electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, water supply and drainage, and are widely used in thermal power plants, hydropower stations, nuclear power stations, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, gas, non-ferrous metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, high cutting-edge technology and other industries, and are exported to the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, Excellent products and perfect after-sales service have won the trust and praise of domestic and foreign merchants

"Tieling valve"

has become a famous business card of our city

with the continuous development of valve technology and the continuous expansion of valve application fields, the corresponding valve standards are becoming increasingly indispensable. The products of the valve industry have entered a period of innovation. Not only the product categories need to be updated, but also the internal management of the enterprise needs to deepen the reform according to the industry standards. Tieling valve industry, once an advantageous traditional industry, has realized the specialization and scale of products through the joint reorganization among enterprises, created a number of enterprise groups with scale and grade, and reinterpreted the concept of "Tieling valve" in the form of industrial clusters

according to the latest statistics in 2018, our city has a domestic first-class valve testing base, with a comprehensive design and manufacturing capacity from the "valve" body to the driving device, especially the low-pressure and large-diameter valves, which sell well all over the country. There are 9 valve manufacturing enterprises in the city, including 5 large-scale enterprises, which can achieve a total industrial output value of 258million yuan. As one of the key enterprises, Tieling special valve Co., Ltd., as one of the backbone enterprises after the restructuring of Tieling valve factory in 1997, has become the only enterprise that has passed the review of the provincial development and Reform Commission and invested in shares. It is the only valve enterprise listed in Liaoning equity trading center in Liaoning Province, and its products are applied to important domestic projects. On the basis of inheriting and carrying forward the fine tradition of the former Tieling valve factory, Tieling special valve Co., Ltd. has become a modern business entity with independent export self support rights, integrating science, industry and trade, by improving the enterprise mechanism, improving the product quality and grade, and adjusting the market strategy. At the same time, Tieling Lianggong Valve Co., Ltd., another key enterprise in our city, also has the reputation of "No. 1 in China" for its water valve using 1 cubic meter of polyurethane insulation material. The company's various large-diameter medium and low-pressure valve products are exported to Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many foreign customers. These large-scale valve enterprises are the mainstay of our valve industry, and the name of "iron valve" has evolved from the symbol of a factory to a beautiful business card for the external publicity of our valve industry. (Tieling Yangyang)

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