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Tietuo machinery bucked the trend and led rap regeneration plant technology

tietuo machinery bucked the trend and led rap regeneration plant technology

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Guide: since this year, under the depressed market situation, Fujian tietuo machinery company has bucked the trend and maintained a growth rate of 30% with the sharp tool of rap regeneration plant large-scale set of equipment. Especially in terms of asphalt recycling equipment, compared with last year, the first three quarters doubled year-on-year. Remarkable economic and social benefits

since the beginning of this year, under the sluggish market situation, Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. has bucked the trend and maintained a growth rate of 30% with the sharp weapon of rap regeneration plant large complete sets of equipment. Especially in terms of asphalt recycling equipment, compared with last year, the first three quarters doubled year-on-year

significant economic and social benefits

according to gaodaile, the technical director of tietuo machinery, a regeneration equipment with an hourly output of 80 tons is used together with a corresponding model of original equipment to build an asphalt pavement with a total length of 10 kilometers, two-way six lanes and an asphalt thickness of 18 cm. The total amount of asphalt mixture required is about 100000 tons. If recycling technology is not used, the cost of fresh asphalt mixture is about 50million yuan. If appropriate equipment and construction technology are selected and 30% recycled material is added, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements of road pavement, it can not only use the waste produced in the process of old road maintenance and reconstruction, protect the local natural environment, but also reduce the material cost of pavement asphalt mixture by 10% - 15%

according to the plan, by 2020, the total mileage of highways in China will exceed 100000 kilometers, and the total mileage of asphalt pavement will exceed 1million kilometers. Because semi-rigid base asphalt pavement is widely used in China's highways, the design service life is generally between 10~15 years. Based on the calculation of 100000 kilometers of highways in 2020, the annual overhaul mileage will reach 6700 kilometers, and more than 69million tons of waste materials will be generated. If these materials are not well recycled, they will not only pollute the natural environment, but also cause a great waste of sand, stone, asphalt and other resources

the emergence of asphalt mixture recycling technology has opened up a new way to solve this problem. This recycling technology will excavate or mill, crush and screen the old pavement materials, test the aging degree and gradation of rap, design the specific gravity and proportion of rap aggregate, and remix it with a certain amount of regenerant, new aggregate, new asphalt and other materials to form a complete set of recycling mixture technology with good road performance. Zhang Yiluo, associate professor of the school of highway of Chang'an University, pointed out in the report that this regeneration technology has several classifications according to different processing technologies for materials. Among them, the plant mixed hot regeneration method has the highest utilization rate at home and abroad because of its strong controllability of parameters such as mixture temperature and mix proportion, and low equipment procurement cost. Developed countries mainly adopt rap hot regeneration plant mode

solve the key problems of regeneration technology

at present, the rap regeneration equipment developed by tietuo machinery overcomes many difficulties of rap thermal regeneration technology, and first improves the concept of rap thermal regeneration technology in China: excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts exchange servo speed regulation system to the height of factory process management

tietuo machinery has also solved the key problems affecting the regeneration technology, such as the control of rap grading, rap material testing, formula design, the mixing process of recycled asphalt mixture, avoiding further aging of asphalt, ensuring the full regeneration of aged asphalt, solving the problem of sticking to the cylinder wall, the development and use of regenerant, etc

build a steel deep-processing foundation, adjust the dynamometer horizontally before and after the front of the swing rod, and at the same time, tietuo machinery also cooperates with the Institute of modern construction and maintenance technology of Chang'an University to develop a factory process management software related to rap. The basic idea of the software is to input all parameter data obtained from rap assay and the target data required by project quality into the software, The computer compares the input actual data with the basic data preset in the software, and generates the recommended mix proportion, regenerant model, regenerant addition amount and other data. Laboratory personnel design and verify the mix proportion according to the data generated by the software. The software can further help customers promote rap regeneration projects scientifically and efficiently

in addition, tietuo machinery has more than 30 patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the regeneration equipment and process of regenerant and rap. In particular, the invention patent entitled "plant mixing hot regeneration process and equipment with hot recycled material pre mixing function" has solved the technical problems that many experts in the industry have been thinking about for a long time. The core technology of this patent refers to adding a mixing cylinder on the plant mixing hot regeneration equipment at the same time, spraying the regenerant into the heated rap, and mixing in this mixing cylinder in advance. This new method can make the regenerant fully disperse, penetrate and miscible with the old asphalt in rap. The regenerant can reduce the viscosity of the old asphalt, and better integrate with the new aggregate, new asphalt and mineral powder during the mixing process. In addition, compared with traditional technology, this process not only shortens the mixing time, but also improves the quality of mixture, and improves the production capacity of the whole equipment. It is understood that the overall equipment production efficiency can be increased by more than 20% by using the new original vitality plus regeneration machine equipment of tietuo machinery

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