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Zhongguancun evaluation: Yilian integrated communication ume improves the efficiency of office communication in a straight line

recently, Yilian launched a new audio and video integrated communication scheme ume, which has attracted widespread attention once it was listed. Zhongguancun, a well-known domestic science and technology portal, conducted an in-depth trial experience evaluation of ume. Participants said that after using ume, the efficiency of work communication was significantly improved, and the performance completion was also significantly improved

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straight line improvement of office communication efficiency

evaluation of Yilian ume integrated communication scheme

since 2020, the epidemic has changed everyone's life and brought varying degrees of impact to all walks of life. As a media practitioner, I was no exception, although I enjoyed a rare leisure time in the first half of the year. But in the second half of the year, manufacturers' press conferences followed one another

manufacturers are busy developing new products and showing their muscles. Our media has also started the continuous rotation mode. Looking at the work piled into hills on the desktop, and looking at the full schedule of activities, I can't help but fall into distress

as an industry that needs to communicate with others frequently, all kinds of conferences and video conferences of all sizes are naturally impossible to run. In addition, our company has branches in other places, so we need to carry out docking and communication of some projects from time to time

although today's communication technology is highly developed, there are various software that can help us narrow the distance between people, but in practical work, their functions are always unsatisfactory. For example, it was originally a social software. Although it is very convenient to directly pull discussion groups for voice and video, it also often has unstable networks and unclear image quality, Many people speak at the same time, such as loud noise, which seriously affects the use experience

when browsing information on the Internet, I noticed that the new integrated communication platform ume launched by Yilian for enterprise customers has deeply integrated various functions such as video conferencing, high-definition voice, instant messaging, etc. after reading the materials, I felt like combining the main video conferencing software such as zoom and Tencent conferencing with the instant messaging software such as nailing

with the mentality of trying something new, I immediately mobilized my colleagues around to apply for a trial with me. A month later, everyone said that it was really fragrant and worthy of being a product specially made for enterprises, which made me very satisfied with Amway at the beginning

01 a number to find people to communicate with zero obstacles

different from the chat software used at ordinary times, office software has little demand for entertainment functions in use, but there is a strong demand for some practical functions to assist communication. For example, when I communicated with my colleagues in the video Department of the branch company about the shooting script, because I was not in a company, I couldn't confirm whether he was working, so I had to leave a message, and then I waited for a long time, which was very inefficient. After using ume, its intelligent free busy state detection function allows me to directly see the status of my colleagues, reducing ineffective communication and greatly improving efficiency

the system automatically recognizes the busy and idle status of personnel

and I can contact them through IM communication, video conference and other forms in the software. There is always a best communication method that allows me to quickly find people

the system integrates a variety of communication methods

even if I don't have a reserved number, I can quickly initiate a call with my colleagues through the direct call function in ume software, which not only ensures the security of privacy, but also is very convenient and fast. In the process of voice calls, I can even share desktop files directly with them. In the past, this was usually achieved by opening video chat

using the phone can also share files

what makes me feel most practical is the call flipping function of ume. This is the first time that I have used a similar function in office software. It can seamlessly transfer calls on the computer or phone that are entering the standard long revision system line to the. This allows me to keep on talking even if I have something to leave without staying at the station for a long time during a meeting

you can switch the call to the previous one with the touch of your finger.

02 the smart scheme for the conference session can be easily completed.

in addition to personal daily use, companies, large and small, naturally cannot run meetings on weekdays. On this point, ume did not disappoint me and my colleagues. First of all, in the launch stage of the meeting, I only need to select the people who need to participate and the needs of the meeting room in the system, and ume will automatically recommend the meeting plan to me according to the schedule of the participants, and automatically make an appointment for the meeting room. This function directly allows me to skip the pre communication with colleagues, and I don't have to ask everyone when they are free one by one, and I don't have to ask which conference room can be used

the system automatically recommends the most appropriate meeting plan

after the appointment is successful, close to the beginning of the meeting, the participants will be reminded of the meeting information in an all-round way through the PC terminal, the terminal and even the terminal in the conference room, which makes the frequency of the careless and late Kings around me greatly increase than before

automatically remind the meeting arrangement before the meeting

if a colleague is really unable to attend the meeting due to temporary things, or needs to leave temporarily, he can also use the terminal or laptop to join the ongoing meeting

join the video conference in various ways

conference discussion. Ume works better with Yilian intelligent video terminal. It is no longer necessary to manually adjust the camera angle during the meeting. When the meeting is opened, the device will automatically capture the picture of each participant in the meeting room, and the camera can automatically close-up the speaker. It feels like an invisible conference assistant is helping us hold a meeting

the lens automatically captures the panoramic picture

the lens is automatically aimed at the speaker, without manual adjustment

finally, after the meeting, the built-in meeting minutes function of ume can also support recording while meeting, cooperate with the voice transcription function to record the complete information of the meeting, and the meeting minutes can be synchronously sent to the participants at the first time after the meeting. Ensure that the participants get the information conveyed at the meeting accurately

03 there is no trouble traveling in the office with me

during the use of ume, my colleagues and I not only worked in the company, but also had many business trips. Using ume as a tool for office communication, the experience of working together with colleagues on a business trip is not much different from that of working in the company, just like taking the office with you

use Yilian portable USB camera and Bluetooth Conference for meetings

through some Yilian smart devices I carry with me, I can have a remote HD audio and video conversation with my colleagues, and the communication experience is no different from face-to-face communication. Finally, in the process of business trip, I can complete the daily submission and review of manuscripts only through the software of ume, because ume can connect with the internal business system of the enterprise, and even our daily business trip applications are approved on ume, The OA interface provided by the system is much simpler than the old system used by the company before. Aluminum alloy connector products with the same performance as aluminum alloy core cable are widely used together with aluminum alloy cable

can approve various processes

04 summary

in just over a month of use, I can clearly feel that we should develop building energy-saving products and technologies that do not compete with energy for resources. In many aspects of work, the process is significantly shortened, and the communication and cooperation between colleagues are more efficient. This is also directly reflected in our monthly data, and the performance of the whole department has also been improved to a certain extent. It can be said that the unified communication scheme ume of Yilian enables us to better focus on business

in addition, Yilian also designed a cute expression bag for ume, which records the working life of little u and little me

cute expression package specially designed for ume

scan the code to add ume expression package

what else to wait for, that is, Wertheim, Germany. If you are also worried about various communication problems encountered in corporate office like me, please scan the QR code below and apply for a trial of Yilian ume

about Yilian

Xiamen Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300628) is a global listed enterprise communication company, which provides cloud + end video conferencing, IP voice communication and collaboration solutions with international quality, leading technology and friendly experience, and has reached long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation with international brands such as Microsoft. With R & D as the core, Yilian adheres to independent innovation, owns the world's leading patents for core technologies such as cloud computing, audio and video, and image processing, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient, helping all kinds of enterprises and institutions improve efficiency and competitiveness. Its own brand, yealink, sells well in more than 140 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Australia. Its SIP phone market share ranks first in the world (Frost Sullivan data) and user satisfaction ranks first in the world (Eastern Management Group survey data)

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