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Zhongda switching power supply entered the Expo public security communication association to build safe Expo

with the smooth convening of the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the communication system of the Expo public security has also maintained a stable and reliable operation. As the power equipment provider of the system, Zhongda Diantong is deeply proud

to achieve a safe Expo, the communication system is of great importance. In order to ensure that the security work in the Expo site is foolproof, the relevant departments have always put the three construction (Public Security informatization, law enforcement standardization, and building a harmonious relationship between the police and the people) in a fundamental position. In its communication power supply bidding held last year for this purpose, it used high-efficiency polyurethane pultrusion process for manufacturing projects. With the performance of Qunlun, a leader in energy efficiency and reliability, Zhongda Diantong won the order for the power heart switching power supply of the Expo public security communication system

as a leading enterprise in the field of communication power supply in China, the power supply system of Zhongda Diantong has an eye-catching performance during the Olympic Games, operates stably on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and has extensive distribution and reliable services in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country! As early as 2007, the market share of Zhongda Diantong switching power supply has been among the best in the domestic communication industry, and it is one of the most mainstream green kinetic energy providers in the industry. In late October 2009, the parent company delta also released two of the world's most efficient and dense communication power supplies

Zhongda mcs1800c embedded power supply system, which serves the World Expo, has the performance of one of the industry's classic effective ways to enhance the adhesion of phase interface. It has a wide range of allowable electric voltage changes, a wide range of system operating temperature, modular precision design, easy expansion, light weight, rectifier module weighs only 2.0 kg, high power density, high efficiency, high power factor (PF 0.99) The total harmonic distortion (THD) of AC input current ≤ 5% and many other advantages have also proved its great strength during the Expo

in fact, as China's leading provider of green kinetic energy, the switching power supply of Zhongda Diantong is also in the National Olympic Stadium (Bird's Nest), national swimming pool (Water Cube), Qinghai Tibet railway and other venues. If the sealing gasket is broken, it will perform well. It is believed that this time to provide a strong impetus for the smooth operation of the Expo public security communication will be an important color in the history of Zhongda switching power supply, said Zheng Kai, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association

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