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Zhonghui Futures: the rubber market needs to sort out and maintain the buying idea on every fall

1 Tokyo's position continues to be reduced to 31000 hands. The recent rise in the market, new energy vehicle manufacturers have begun to force power battery manufacturers to reduce prices, which is mainly driven by the short position closing of Feng and Marubeni, and the strength of long position speculation is small, which affects the strength of the market

2 a total of 279 tons were traded in the three raw material markets in Thailand, with the price of about 76.61 Thai plants, and raw materials continued to rise

3 the rise of the US Japan exchange rate provides support for the Tokyo market

4 yesterday, Singapore futures No. 3 cigarette glue rose $10/ton; No. 20 standard glue rose $20

5 in macro terms, it is reported that red kite metals, a hedge fund, suffered a 22% loss last month, and the loss of hedge (hedge) funds intensified the redemption of

investors, and the appreciation of the RMB accelerated

summary: continue to maintain the buying idea when falling, but pay great attention to the rhythm, especially in China. Catching up with the high will often be overshadowed. East meets the experimental requirements of GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards for cement, mortar, concrete and other materials. Beijing Rules

can adopt the holding strategy. Due to the rapid rise in the short term, it needs time to correct, and the market at the end of this week often needs to be sorted out

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