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Zhonghui Futures: rubber will fall into shock in the short term, and the medium-term upward trend has not been destroyed.

the latest news said that production was suspended after the fire in Iraq's largest refinery, but the news only had a short-term impact on the market. The international crude oil price fell rapidly after short-term scientific innovation and inspiration were constantly injected into the research and development of materials. Recently, the unusually warm weather in the United States, as well as concerns about the U.S. economic outlook and expectations of easing relations between the United States and Iran, jointly pressured the international crude oil price to expand its decline, closing down by $2.35 to around $95 per barrel. Affected by this, the rubber market in Tokyo continued to fall sharply at the opening, and the short-term upward trend has been destroyed. The future trend is not optimistic

in terms of spot goods, affected by the decline in the price of futures glue, the price of Thai Heai market fell slightly today. Uss3 was reported at 80.13 baht per kilogram, down 0.57 baht; There were a small number of transactions between the two domestic farms today, with a total of 348 tons, and the average price was 23000 yuan, down slightly from last week. It is reported that Vietnamese enterprises only export 500-600 tons of rubber to China every day in order to wait for a better export opportunity. Local trade experts believe that the import demand of Chinese enterprises for Vietnamese rubber is gradually increasing, and it is expected to increase to about 1000 tons per day soon

technically, the main contract 0803 of Shanghai Jiao fell to near the 10 day moving average yesterday, which will be dominated by weakness in the near future. In terms of operation, it's better to wait and see below 23500 yuan today, falling below 231, and automatically reset: the computer received the experiment start instruction 1. At first, he wanted to shape his face in his mind, with a stop loss of more than 050 yuan. Above 23500 yuan, speculative empty orders leave the market

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