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Development of building automation market in 2013

in 20 years, about 60% of the world's population will live in cities. They need to ensure the safety of public places, and their demand for the safety of people, assets and infrastructure will increase sharply. No matter how many people live and work in a small area, it is crucial to ensure safety and comfort. Cities cannot attract individuals and enterprises to settle down without providing a safe and reliable environment. The traditional division of security, safety and building automation systems is fuzzy. Customers require to complete the comprehensive emergency plan and building automation solutions, as well as provide value-added services, including the installation of electrical, heating, ventilation, climate control, lighting, access control, video monitoring, anti-theft alarm, fire detection and evacuation systems


the integration of buildings will be further promoted in the future. Solutions based on it and IP are pushing the physical security industry closer to the IT industry. They have an increasing demand to run business systems and security systems simultaneously by utilizing the existing IT infrastructure in large-scale equipment

wireless network

with the maturity of wireless communication technology, it will be installed in specific security environment applications as the same infrastructure as wired communication. A good example is that it is difficult to wire in historical buildings and museums that are being renovated and renovated, and wireless networks can be well used

data analysis

data analysis collected by different IT systems improves the value of security solutions. For example, access control data can support safe evacuation in an emergency. This increases a lot of data that needs to be analyzed and processed. A good example is video analysis. It can define a video surveillance sequence object, and then when the object moves, it can automatically search all sequences, just like a car in a parking lot

enterprise security

today's enterprise security personnel not only face diverse and interrelated threats, but also must cope with the changing business environment. Protection measures are no longer only specific to specific places or even specific countries, but must adopt a comprehensive solution. Such enterprises need a complete solution from single to multi site, including remote operation. It needs to arrange a framework that meets the security standards for the data of the whole organization, so that both the central monitoring center and the local monitoring center can operate


intelligent response systems and solutions can intelligently and dynamically handle and respond to events, and integrate fire broadcast alarm, large-scale notification, evacuation, fire suppression, emergency lighting, building automation and other systems into one platform. The demand for intelligent evacuation comes from higher and higher buildings, large stadiums and large campuses in urban areas. For example, optimize the escape routes of buildings and stadiums to facilitate rapid evacuation in case of emergency

overall modified plastic has become an ideal material for manufacturing household appliances. Under the current economic conditions, the overall cost of solutions applied to safety, security and building automation in the whole life cycle will be subject to more scrutiny. Optimizing the overall cost does not just mean integrating all systems into one, making access and operations more efficient, This also means that fetscher, for example: "A preform with unsuitable layers provides flexibility to adapt to rapid changes, such as opening or withdrawing branch structures, relocating production facilities, and cooperating with similar organizations.

hosting and management services

as enterprises pay more attention to core competitiveness, security and building automation systems will be outsourced in the form of hosting and comprehensive risk management. Based on the pressure of cost and efficiency, there is a target market The field needs innovative safety services, such as large enterprises, chemical industry and steel pharmaceutical companies, airports and power companies are all generating huge demand. This will promote the remote management and service of the security system. The operation and service of remote command will bring many benefits to end users, such as reducing costs, improving unattended security, and managing multiple remote locations more effectively from the central control room

energy monitoring

energy monitoring refers to the continuous inspection of the installed building automation system, which is equipped with a 3-wire power plug. The ultimate goal of generating reports is to optimize and fine tune the performance of the installation system. In some areas, this is already a law and regulation for owners and operators. They must monitor the energy consumption of buildings and implement optimization measures over time

vertical solutions

customers require more customized solutions in individual industries and vertical markets, such as airports and data centers. For example, a specific solution of a data center needs to ensure the operation 24 hours a day. This is a typical data center, which includes other modules, such as smoke detectors to detect flames. Because of their wiring, traditional fire detectors take too long to detect. As for the fire extinguishing part, Siemens has developed a gas fire extinguishing system to prevent damage to the hard disk drive. Original place

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